How to become Famous on the Internet

Early 2010 was the beginning of my internet conquest. I already had a successful fashion business offline, but I wanted to get more exposure by promoting my brand online… but I was a newbie at promoting a brand online and I knew I had loads to learn.

I did all I could to set up a blog- the plan was simply to pick a topic randomly and just give my honest opinion. After some months of frustration, I eventually admitted that nothing was working.

The internet didn’t make me famous and my brand wasn’t being noticed.
Luckily I didn’t give up. I dug deeper and asked more questions about how I could promote my brand on the internet. The summary of the answer I got was that ‘you need to be popular on the internet’.

But that gave me another question- How do I become popular on the internet?
2 years later, I found the answer I needed and that’s what I will be sharing with you…

Get Basic Computer Skills

You need to get basic computer knowledge as you have to work with one.
You cannot always rely on others for help with uploading content. You must get some kind of training.
Buy a computer training course or get a ‘one on one’ teacher.

Choose your Platform

You can choose to create a profile on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or create your own blog on sites like Wordpress, Blogger or Tumblr.
If you choose to create a profile on social media sites, then choose one that best suits what you have to offer (your brand, your product) and more importantly your type of audience.
If you are offering make up tutorials, your audience will appreciate videos than just picture. However, podcasts would be wonderful for students because they would want to multitask.
Owning a blog will also give you online presence, but you’ll need a slightly different approach.
Say you set up a blog- of using any social media). Think of it as your journal and upload your contents the way your audience would appreciate it.
Make jest (like you are among friends) if you are running a gossip site but be nice, jovial and simple if you are teaching kids on your blog.

Create a Profile

Create a separate business profile from your personal profile. It is not advisable to use your personal profile for your brand.
However, make your personal profile neat and detailed if you have to use your personal profile as your brand profile.
Make sure your profile is consistent if you are using multiple social media- your followers on Instagram should not feel different about you when they meet you on Twitter.

Choose what to project
Focus on one niche and let people know how good you are at it. Make sure it is something you love and are comfortable with.
Try not to focus on broad niches; tune it down to something specific. For example, the fashion niche is broad- you should choose a sub-niche.
You can focus on fashion trends or in-vogue designs or you can be the guru/expert that analyzes and gives expert opinion on various designs.
Find one thing and stick to it. Become known with it. You can always broaden your niche and even diversify after you have become popular.

Intrigue your Followers
Being famous on the internet is not about posting any and everything you see fit.
Uploading juicy, alluring and unique content is what will be your selling point.
You need to upload content that will catch your follower’s attention, something that is worth reading, worth their time, something in vogue and trending…

Scope the competition
Research other successful people in your niche. Find out what they are doing right.
Learn from them and even duplicate what they are doing.

Don’t Give Up
You can’t be an online celebrity overnight.
It takes a lot of effort, hard work, and above all patience.
No one became a celebrity overnight. Keep offering valuable content to your users.
The more time you spend building your brand or business online, the more success you will eventually achieve.
And do not make the mistake of copying other people’s story, it is called plagiarism; believe me that could ruin everything.

Post Regularly
You cannot upload a video (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook) or a piece of information and then leave your account unattended to for months, you have to keep posting every day or every 2 days.
Be devoted. The more time you spend building your brand, the more exposure it will get.

Publicize catchy contents
Just like the newspaper agencies publish catchy stories, you have to upload contents that are attractive.
Take note of the post you make that attract a lot of comments, likes and feedbacks.
It gives you an idea of what your users want. Simply make more posts that are similar.
Avoid making posts that are not relevant to your niche, remember it’s all about your audience- give them what they want.

Post Fresh Contents
Your fans and followers do not want to keep reading the same contents over and over again; you have to move just like the clock. With each passing minutes, develop new content and jot new concepts or ideas for your next post.
You have to always look for new stories to publish. Stale information will make your profile boring and make users loose interest.

If you apply these principles, your likes and shares will rapidly increase and in no time, you will become famous on the internet.
And once your brand becomes popular, build a community around it… it helps in handling the fame.